Who We Are

Au-Pure is a name synonymous with high quality, great value, bespoke wellness products and solutions, specifically pertaining to natural elements of water and air

"Your Wellness, Our Passion"

Our Focus on High Quality, Innovation and Natural concepts
has earned us the accreditation and awards worldwide.

Our Products are Bespoke, with even its raw material being sourced from the most authentic natural sources and are patented for their processing technologies.

That’s the reason our innovators have bagged awards like

Most innovative Asian

Only ceramic raw materials to be NSF certified

Top accreditations for the raw material and products

  • 2013: Space Eye Entrepreneurship EcoSystem incorporated

    1994: Supplier Company incorporated.

    1980: Research on our Harmonization products started

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  • 1million+

    Customers globally for harmonization products.

Our Vision

At Space Eye GT LLC, the provider of Au-Pure products, our vision is to offer highest levels of customer satisfaction through our high-quality products and great sales support to our channel partners.

With the same focus, all our products bear the highest mark of quality, accredited by world’s leading quality/testing agencies. Our products are not only high-quality, but, in most cases, unique and patented even for its raw material and/or manufacturing processes.

Our Wellness Philiosophy

With a focus on natural elements of water and air, providing the most advanced technologies capitalizing the tested techniques and wellness secrets, Au-Pure intends to remain at the forefront of the fusion between modern technology and nature's wellness practices.